About Davdeb Foods™

Davdeb Foods Nigeria Limited is an indigenous Nigerian company established in January 2019. We process, package and distribute 100% natural agricultural produce into grains and raw flour made from the best of Nigeria local foods for convenient home cooking. As an indigenous agricultural food producer, we process, package and market locally grown foods only, to encourage local farmers and create jobs. Davdeb is passionate about healthy living through diets with naturally grown foods without preservatives; ensuring 100% natural food consumption.
Our products are healthy, hygienic and delicious that excites and satisfy family needs. We deal basically in 100% Natural Food Products, Edible Oils, Spices, Herbal Teas, Healthy Drinks and Snacks.

What we Hope to Achieve

Working towards being the most trusted producer of 100% natural agricultural food products. Davdeb is dedicated to creating value through continuous innovation, ensuring highest possible quality and reliability.

To be a globally endorsed producer of 100% natural agricultural foods. Contributing significantly to nutritional well-being and reformed livelihood across the world.


Davdeb Foods embraces farming businesses in Nigeria, offering a full range of processing and packaging services in the food and agricultural produce wholesale market. Our target market focuses primarily on the busy working-class people, Africans in diaspora and the world at large that do not have access to healthy local African foods. The organization is known for its indigenous Agricultural food processing and production, coupled with key focus on customer satisfaction and shared passion for hygienic, 100% natural and nutritional foods. Safeguarding and promoting the African Food culture has our specific attention as a growing organization

Food Safety

As producers of raw foods, Davdeb adheres strictly to foods safety and global standard always. With quality assurance checks, we are keen to producing food products in a healthy environment free from harmful preservatives to ensure its 100% natural taste.

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Career Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining our organisation. Please forward your CV and areas of Interest to us and we will get back to you. Email: careers@davdeb.org.ng