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Davdeb Foods is an indigenous Nigerian company established in January 2019. We process, package and distribute organic agricultural produce into grains and raw flour made from the best of Nigeria local foods for convenient home cooking.

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About Davdeb Foods™

WhatsApp: 09027940749 / 08102359480 / 08034537436

Calls – 09027940749 / 07054002229 / 07054006355


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Distributors / wholesalers Requirements: / 08102359480


Technology Incubation center, 4, Balogun Street, Pen Cinema, Agege, Lagos.

58 Oka-Akoko Street, Ayegbami Bus Stop, Giwa / Oke-Aro, Agbado Ogun State.

Delivery Hours

Mon.: 8:30am – 9pm
Tue. – Sat.: 8:30am – 10pm
Sun.: 12pm – 9pm