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Bambara Groundnut (Okpa) – 1KG
1500 ex. VAT
Bambara Nut Flour (Okpa) – 1KG

Bambara Nut flour is popularly used for Okpa, similar to Moi-moi.

Bambara nut flour can be substituted for beans flour for moi-moi. Note, the consistency of the mixture should be a lot lighter than beans flour, to avoid being too solid when cooked.

Flour can be mixed with other gluten-free flours for home baking.

Great in pancakes when combined with other flours.

1800 ex. VAT
Beans Flour

Soak the beans powder in cold water for 30 minutes or over-night in the fridge and here you are! Your beans is ready for further use in making moi-moi or bean cakes (Akara) or any other dish!

2100 ex. VAT
Cassava Flour (Pupuru) – 1KG

100% cassava flour. No preservatives, no chemicals. Highly nutritious, easy to prepare, easy to digest. Just boil your water, add the flour and stir until it forms to your taste.

1200 ex. VAT
Fonio Acha Grains – 1KG
1700 ex. VAT
Ofada Rice – 1KG
1650 ex. VAT


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